Yellowstone snow covered mountains and wide range of trees

Sustainability at Yellowstone

Rest Easy... We're working to take care of YOU and OUR environment.
Through GreenPath®, our environmental management system, Delaware North is committed to minimizing our environmental footprint, strengthening local economies, and respecting unique wildlife, history, and culture. Our hotels and cabins in West Yellowstone, and our Yellowstone General Stores inside the Park, recently won a 2018 Montana EcoStar Award! Some of the highlights include zero waste at our Yellowstone General Stores, fuel efficiency at Yellowstone Vacation Tours, and our various environmental programs implemented at our hotels and cabins (shower conservation, recycling programs, etc).

We care about people that care about our planet.

Want to participate in our ECO DEAL?

Receive a 15% discount off our best available room rate at Explorer Cabins at Yellowstone, Gray Wolf Inn and Suites, or Yellowstone Park Hotel by either:
  • Driving a fuel-efficient car or hybrid* or arriving on foot, bicycle, or shuttle
  • Commit to sustainable tourism by using the hashtag #travelgreen, and share how you will Green Your Vacation while visiting Yellowstone.

Explorer Cabins at Yellowstone

Gray Wolf Inn and Suites

Yellowstone Park Hotel

Note: Lodging taxes not included. Subject to availability and reservation policies

Here are a few ideas to Green Your Vacation while visiting us:

  • [Re]duce
    • Turn off your lights, appliances, and electronics when not in use
    • Shorten your shower by 5 minutes and save over 10 gallons of water
  • [Re]use
    • Hang your towel and participate in our linen recycling program
    • Purchase a reusable water bottle and fill up at any of our hydration stations
    • Utilize a reusable bag for all of your shopping trips
  • [Re]cycle
    • Utilize our easy-sort recycling containers throughout all our hotels and general stores
  • [Re]fuel
    • Look for nutritious and wholesome meal options on our menus
    • Purchase local and organic food and beverage options when possible
  • [Re]invest
    • Purchase local or regional products to support the local economy
    • Check out locally-owned shops throughout West Yellowstone and get to know community members
  • [Re]discover
    • Take part in our various educational programs (including tours of the Million Dollar Room)
    • Support the National Park Service through donation and volunteerism
*Hybrids and Fuel Efficient vehicles are those certified by the EPA SmartWay program. These vehicles are in the top 20% of all vehicles in reducing greenhouse gas and other pollutants. For more information on the program please see: