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Two bicyclists exploring Yellowstone National ParkTwo bicyclists exploring Yellowstone National Park

Springtime Biking in Yellowstone National Park

Explore Yellowstone by Bike This Spring

Embark on a spectacular journey into Yellowstone National Park this spring, where natural wonders are on display around every turn. While the park is closed to vehicular travel, you can explore Yellowstone’s unspoiled beauty on two wheels and experience this incredible place in a completely new way. Picture yourself pedaling through America’s first national park, where every bend in the trail reveals a new marvel to behold.

Encounter the iconic wildlife of Yellowstone, from majestic bison to graceful elk, as they roam freely amidst breathtaking natural vistas. Marvel at the awe-inspiring geo-thermal wonders that dot the landscape, from erupting geysers to soothing hot springs. This is more than just a bike ride – it’s an immersive journey into the very heart of nature, where every pedal stroke brings you closer to the essence of Yellowstone’s untamed spirit.

Bike handlebars silhouetted by the sunset

While park roads are closed to motorized vehicles beginning in early April, an exclusive invitation awaits avid cyclists to explore Yellowstone like never before. Set forth from either the charming town of West Yellowstone, MT via the iconic West Entrance or the picturesque gateway of Gardiner, MT through the North Entrance. It’s a rare chance to travel the park’s sprawling landscapes without the intrusion of cars or crowds, offering a safe and exhilarating biking adventure for all. Don’t miss your chance to experience the park in its purest form – seize the thrill of springtime biking in Yellowstone today. E-bikes are permitted, as well as traditional bicycles.

E-bike rentals in West Yellowstone

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Exterior view of the Explorer Cabins at Yellowstone in West Yellowstone, MT


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A herd of bison grazing in Yellowstone National Park in spring

Wildlife Viewing

Yellowstone is home to more than 200 species of animals, and spring is one of the best seasons to see them in action.