Yellowstone General Stores

Yellowstone General Stores (YGS) bring together enthusiastic people from all over the world to work in our attractive stores, and provide exceptional guest service and unforgettable memories to three million Park visitors each year. Retirees and college students together will enjoy firsthand the amazing wonders of living in Yellowstone while they make new lifelong friends and greet Park visitors from around the globe. Our stores have a variety of operating dates starting as early as mid-April and ending as late as early November. Tell us when you’re available (longer is better!) and we’ll try to find a perfect fit for you.
  • Yellowstone Locations: YGS operates 12 stores throughout Yellowstone with support operations in the town of West Yellowstone, providing visitors a full array of gifts, apparel, groceries, sundries, camping supplies, jewelry and photo supplies, as well as food services. Each Park location has its own natural features and character, as do each of our stores. Your store could be just a short walk from world-famous Old Faithful Geyser, next to the breathtaking Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone or near the sparkling blue waters of Yellowstone Lake. No matter where you work in Yellowstone, you may find the adventure of a lifetime!
  • Old Faithful Basin Store: Mid-May – early October, 40 associates. Built in 1897, this was the first store in the Old Faithful area. Adjacent to the Old Faithful Inn, this store’s unique burlwood highlights, original marble counter and fountain stools represent the National Park’s rustic tradition. Old Faithful is the one stop all visitors to Yellowstone must make. Our associates here serve lots of customers from all over the world every day, and you’ll quickly learn the meaning of the phrase geyser rush.”
  • Old Faithful General Store: Early May – early October, 80 associates. Built from 1929 to 1930, this store is located across from the Old Faithful Visitor Center. Grand Park architecture is evident at this store where you’ll be awestruck by huge log beams, a magnificent fireplace and impressive light fixtures. Many Yellowstone visitors from all over the world stop by this store, making it a busy and exciting hub in the Old Faithful area.
  • Grant General Store and Grant Mini Store: Early June – late September, 60 associates. Constructed in 1984, the Grant General Store is our newest store. With a large fountain area with seating for approximately 80 people, this location serves up three tasty meals a day, fast-food style. While the store is modern, complete with air-conditioning, the western motif shines through in an etched-wood border found along the top of the store walls. Our location is a short jaunt off the main track, situated in a tranquil setting near the shore of breathtaking Yellowstone Lake.
  • Bridge Bay General Store: Late May – early September, 8 associates. This very small store is situated right on the shore of Yellowstone Lake at the Bridge Bay Marina. Associates at this store may have fewer shoppers than the large stores, but the shop can still hop on a busy summer day. The items that guests line up for most? Fishing permits and advice!
  • Lake General Store: Mid-May – late September, 40 associates. Constructed in 1919, this thirty-foot cedar octagon is a unique structure. Located on the shore of scenic Yellowstone Lake, this charming store is a special place to take a break while traveling through the Park. People like to stop here to have an ice cream cone or a meal from the fountain while they enjoy peaceful Yellowstone Lake. The store more than makes up in charm whatever it may lack in modern details.
  • Fishing Bridge General Store: Early May – early October, 80 associates. Built in 1931, this store is located near the Yellowstone River and the historic Fishing Bridge. Fishing Bridge is a large store, built in the rustic log and stone style, which is very popular in Yellowstone. The Fishing Bridge store is a busy location on the east side of the Park’s figure-eight road system and most visitors on their way to or from the Park’s popular East Entrance seem to stop here.
  • Canyon General Store: Mid-May – late September, 80 associates. Opened in 1957, this larger store reflects American attitudes and modern architecture of this era. The color and feel of this store is fun and recalls memories of Americans’ first major ventures by automobile to the scenic areas of our country. With a large gift and grocery area, as well as a unique diner with a menu from the past including hamburgers, fries and shakes, this is a busy store – you won’t be bored!
  • Yellowstone Adventures: Mid-April – early November, 10 associates. Adjacent to the Canyon Village General Store, this cozy store is our premier outdoor apparel and equipment outfitter, highlighting Cloudveil and Columbia products, fishing and camping gear, as well as gifts and limited food service. The premier attraction of this area is the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River and its two major waterfalls.
  • Tower General Store: Mid-May – mid-September, 40 associates. Located at the trailhead to beautiful 132-foot Tower Fall, this store is a great place for visitors to take a break in the northern part of the Park. We serve Montana-made ice cream here, and sell a variety of Yellowstone keepsakes and t-shirts. This is a popular, busy place on a hot summer day!
  • Roosevelt General Store: Early June – early September, 6 associates. Roosevelt is a small, rustic location far from the hustle and bustle of busier locations. This area of the Park is named after President Theodore Roosevelt, who camped nearby in 1903, and is a symbol of the American Wild West. Our store is located next to the lodge and offers snacks, drinks and select grocery and keepsake items for those traveling by car, horse or stagecoach.
  • Mammoth General Store: Year-round, 40 associates in summer. Built in 1895, this store is located at the National Park Service’s headquarters in Mammoth Hot Springs. The buildings in this area reflect historic Fort Yellowstone and are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The U.S. Army managed Yellowstone until the creation of the National Park Service in 1916. Open year-round, this store is equipped to outfit visitors with gifts, apparel, equipment and supplies as they head into the Park, or make a last stop on their way out.
  • West Yellowstone Complex: Early April – mid-October, 50 associates. This area is the base of operations for our warehouse, maintenance and support staff, and associates working here enjoy both close proximity to the Park and small-town life in West Yellowstone, MT. The West Entrance to Yellowstone can see more than one million visitors passing through each year so there’s rarely a dull moment here!