Yellowstone Buffalo Bison near Old Faithful

Top 10 Summer Activities

Summer is the season to explore in and around Yellowstone National Park! Here are our Top 10 Things To Do during the warm season. Check them out!

1) Summer Tours with Yellowstone Vacation Tours

Experience the Yellowstone area in one of our comfortable (and air-conditioned) buses! Our knowledgeable guides have endless information and facts to share with you as you sit back, relax, and enjoy the views! Summer bus tours of Yellowstone National Park's Lower and Upper Loops are available from West Yellowstone, MT.

Summer Bus Tours run during the summer months, and depart from West Yellowstone, MT

West Yellowstone Bus Tours

Yellowstone Loop Tours

Yellowstone National Park Summer Bus Tours

2) Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center

Get the family together for fun adventures at the interactive and educational Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center! The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center appeals to visitors of all ages, where you can learn, see, and experience the daily life of bears and wolves, as well as other wildlife in the area. An interactive museum exhibit is available, as well as numerous educational programs, and of course the chance to see some of Yellowstone's most amazing and powerful predators up close! Located in West Yellowstone, just minutes from our hotels and cabins.

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Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone

3) Fishing

When you are driving in and around Yellowstone, it's hard not to notice all of the amazing fishing opportunities that surround you. Yellowstone features excellent angling waters with easy access during the fishing season and an endless choice of public lakes, rivers and streams with a large variety of game fish in an area this size. Fishing has been one of the most popular recreation activities for visitors in Yellowstone for many years and people flock from all over the world to experience it. No matter if you want to fish on a lake or a river, this area has you covered.

Make sure to check out fishing regulations and other important river/lake information online before casting. And remember, guided fishing trips are also an option. There are many great guides in this area, so make sure to check them out if fishing is on your itinerary.

Fishing in Yellowstone National Park

4) Water Activities & Whitewater Rafting

On a hot summer day, nothing is more refreshing than getting in the rivers and lakes! Have an adventure on the water and rent a raft, tube, or paddle board (whatever fits your fancy) and get in the water! There are numerous options as far as where to go and what to do, such as float down the Madison River, paddle around on Yellowstone Lake or take a soak in Yellowstone's Boiling River.

Guided whitewater rafting trips are also a great option and a great adventure for the whole family. Geyser Whitewater Expeditions is a great choice if you're staying in West Yellowstone, or Montana Whitewater Rafting Co if you're staying in Gardiner, but those are just two of many! Rafting trips are available near all of the entrances to the Park so check availability online with companies in the area.

Yellowstone National Park whitewater rafting

5) Zipline

Looking for some adventure? If you want to test your wild side, Yellowstone Aerial Adventures has a zipline course that is fun for all ages! Located just minutes from our hotels and cabins in West Yellowstone, this place is fun for the whole family. Ziplining is a great way to spend your day outside the Park, and is another activity that will make your trip one to remember.

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Ziplining in West Yellowstone, MT

6) Explore West Yellowstone

Downtown West Yellowstone has a plethora of boutiques, restaurants, ice cream shops, and fun activities that will keep the family busy all day long! The Yellowstone Giant Screen Theatre shows movies about Yellowstone National Park, as well as current box office hits in IMAX format; catch a live play at the Playmill Theatre; Big Gun Fun is an indoor shooting range that provides a safe and fun way to shoot the guns you see in famous movies; and that's just the beginning!

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Exploring West Yellowstone in summer

7) Horseback Riding

This is a Montana experience you will never forget! While taking in the beautiful scenery as you ride on the trails in/around Yellowstone National Park, you will find yourself in the heart of cowboy country. This is a great way to see the Park and take in all of the surroundings that our first National Park has to offer.

Diamond P Ranch is a great option for horseback riding in West Yellowstone, or the Flying Pig Adventure Company in Gardiner, MT, but plenty of other options exist. There are many companies in the area that offer different types of guided trips so make sure to check them out and reserve your spot today. You do not want to miss out on this experience!

Horseback riding in Yellowstone National Park

8) Hiking

Summer is the best time to get out and explore the beautiful hiking trails in and around Yellowstone National Park. With over 900 miles of trails ranging from easy to difficult, you will have no trouble finding the perfect hike!

There is so much to see and experience in Yellowstone National Park from the beautiful scenery to the wildlife, so grab your water bottle, put on your hiking shoes, and explore the Park on foot. FYI... Don't forget to bring your bear spray!

View suggested hiking in the area

Summer hiking in Yellowstone National Park

9) Biking

Biking offers a fun and up-close way to see Yellowstone National Park in the summer. Whether you want to bike on pavement or trails, there are options for everyone. Biking allows you to be more in touch with your surroundings and listen to all of the natural sounds (possibly hear wildlife) that the Park has to offer. You have many options as far as where to bike and the type of terrain, so check out the Park website to obtain that information. Biking is truly a unique way to see the Park, so grab your bike, put on your helmet, and don't forget your camera, water bottle, and bear spray!

Bicycling in Yellowstone National Park

10) Wildlife Viewing

Like the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. That saying is true for visitors that want to see wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. Make sure to set your alarms and get in the Park during the morning hours when animals are eating and on the move to increase your chances of seeing wildlife (and beating the crowds).

Yellowstone is home to the largest concentration of small and large mammals in the lower 48 states. Bears, wolves, bison, moose, elk, fox, otters and more call this park home and there’s nothing more awe inspiring than encountering wildlife here in Yellowstone. Remember that all wildlife in Yellowstone is "wild" so make sure to always keep a safe distance from the animals. Animals are always roaming around the Park (sometimes on the roads) so make sure you keep your eyes open. Reminder: don't forget to bring a good pair of binoculars or spotting scope!

Summer wildlife viewing in Yellowstone National Park

These are our Top 10 Things To Do when you visit Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding communities this summer. There are many more, so make sure to book a room today to discover all that Yellowstone has to offer.

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