Yellowstone National Park dining

Yellowstone National Park Restaurants

Park Roads Now Open

All Yellowstone National Park entrances and park roads are now OPEN for oversnow travel! Snowcoach and Snowmobile Tours into the park are available, and Snowmobile Rentals are also available for exploring outside the park.

Conditions permitting, park roads will remain open until approximately March 15, 2023 when the roads close in preparation for spring.

For additional information, please visit the National Park Service website

Yellowstone Park Dining

From retro counter service diners to casual cafeterias and ice cream parlors, Yellowstone National Park restaurants keep your motor running as you discover a new wonder at every turn.

Here, you can often skip the traditional restaurant routine and visit the Yellowstone General Stores where you'll find groceries, sandwiches and light fare you can carry out (and keep the needle moving). Tasty grab-and-go sandwiches, beverages and snacks are available for purchase right in front of many Yellowstone General Store locations.