Snowmobiles lined up outside Yellowstone Vacations

Snowmobile Sales

Yellowstone Vacation Tours offers great machines in great condition, at great prices. The maintenance program we follow (every 1,000 miles) far exceeds original equipment manufacturers' recommendations. This maintenance program and our summer storage procedures are the reason for rental longevity, far exceeding the mileage you typically see "wear out" a privately owned machine. Plus, each snowmobile goes through a pre-delivery checklist before being shipped. Buyers of our machines will receive a copy of our procedures, and if closely followed, they can greatly extend the life of their snowmobiles.


Buying your snowmobiles in bulk? We offer volume discounts on snowmobiles so you get more thrill for less cash:
  • Purchase between 2-5 snowmobiles, receive $50 off each.
  • Purchase between 6-10 snowmobiles, receive $100 off each.
  • Purchase between 11-20 snowmobiles, receive $150 off each.
If you plan on purchasing more than 21 snowmobiles, call Yellowstone Vacations at 800-426-7669.