Where To Go

All Delaware North employees will check in for employment at our Human Resources Office in West Yellowstone, Montana, located on Highway 191, 90 miles south of Bozeman, Montana. Our West Yellowstone Human Resources Office is located at 251 Echo Canyon Road. Individuals driving their own vehicles will experience a great deal more flexibility getting around Yellowstone during the summer, but it’s not a necessity. Associates arriving in their own vehicle should drive directly to West Yellowstone for check-in on their assigned day. YGS associates can register their vehicle with the local national park rangers upon arrival at their work location to get their free parking pass. If you are arriving here without a vehicle of your own, Bozeman, Montana must be your final destination. We will provide transportation from Bozeman to West Yellowstone on Sunday and Thursday afternoons, for your Monday or Friday check-in. After checking in, YGS in-Park associates will be transported from West Yellowstone to their assigned summer location in the Park.