Delaware North provides an apron, fleece jacket, and other job-specific uniform items. The associate will be required to supply navy blue shirts, blue jeans, and neutral color closed-toed, closed-heel shoes. It’s each associate’s responsibility to keep the uniforms clean, free from stains and wrinkle-free. Any uniform item provided by the company must be returned at the end of your employment. Clothing must be loose enough to allow an associate to work in comfort. Uniform shirts which do not have a finished or straight edge must be tucked in at all times. Uniforms are company property and should be maintained in the condition in which they are received. Unauthorized and visible alterations of uniforms are not allowed (e.g., pinning of hems, cuffing, etc.) Name tags must be in good condition and worn at all times during working hours as a part of your uniform. Uniforms may be worn only during the hours an associate is on an assigned work shift. While in uniform, associates are seen as representatives of Delaware North and should conduct themselves accordingly. While in uniform, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, or being present in an establishment that serves alcohol, is strictly prohibited.
  • YGS Uniforms: Blue jeans or denim skirts may be worn with the uniform shirts. Jeans must be in good repair, no holes and not faded. Low riders and baggy jeans are not permitted. Skirts must be no shorter than knee length. Shoes should cover the entire foot and should provide good support. Non-slip soles are preferred.
  • West Yellowstone Hotel Uniforms: Pants must be black and in good condition (no jeans). Shoes must be black and cover the entire foot and should provide good support. Non-slip soles are preferred.