Yellowstone is a fairly isolated, wilderness location. Our stores are located at altitudes ranging from 5,000 to more than 8,000 feet and our jobs are generally strenuous and physically demanding. Although the National Park Service provides emergency services, the closest hospital can be several hours away by ambulance or helicopter. We encourage anyone with a heart or respiratory condition, or any medical issue that requires frequent treatment, to consult with his or her physician before planning to work in Yellowstone. Medcor offers medical services to employees at three in-Park clinics located at Old Faithful, Lake and Mammoth Hot Springs. In order to finance and make this service available, all employees in the Park are mandated by the National Park Service to subscribe to the Seasonal Employee Health Care Program at a nominal cost of $1.07 per day. This may entitle you to a discount on office visits and other services (private insurance and Medicare are still primary). This discounted service is applicable only at the Medcor clinics within the Park boundaries. Associates with persistent medical needs should bring medical records to the Park with them.
  • Clinic: There is a health clinic in West Yellowstone which is open seven days per week during the summer season and four days per week the rest of the year. The nearest hospitals are located in Bozeman, Montana (90 miles from West Yellowstone) or Idaho Falls, Idaho (110 miles from West Yellowstone). West Yellowstone Hotel associates are not eligible to participate in the Medcor program.